Language Training

„With every language you learn, you liberate a spirit that has been held captive within you.“

 Friedrich Rückert (1788-1866), German poet

You would like to broaden your language skills? Then you have made the conscious decision to surpass your own limitations and discover a new world. This applies whether you require the target language for your career or for private reasons. Regardless of the impetus, a wealth of cultural experiences awaits you. 

Our language training includes any language you desire. In an initial consultation, you have the opportunity to meet our business partners and select the appropriate trainer. We will also evaluate your existing language ability and create an individualized course of instruction. By doing so, we incorporate your personal goals and areas of interest directly into your program. Perhaps you wish to improve your abilities together with a small group of colleagues or friends. Simply contact us with your established group and we will do the rest.

Private lessons allow you to set the learning pace, lesson time and location. Not only will your trainer come to your home or workplace, but will intensively address your individual goals (e.g. technical terminology, specialized language). Private instruction is especially advantageous when you wish to prepare for meetings (e.g. negotiations, trade shows or presentations) or a trip abroad.