Tamara Girke

„He who speaks many languages, can talk a lot of nonsense in many languages."

Alexander Roda-Roda, Austrian author and publicists

I was born in 1976 in Grande Prairie, a small town in northern Canada, to German parents. I studied International Relations and Germanic Studies at the University of British Columbia, graduating with a Bachelors degree in 1999. In 2004, I started my degree in Editing at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and in 2005 I took part in an intensive photography program in Missoula, Montana.

I can’t imagine life without language. I speak German and English fluently, and can communicate efficiently in two additional languages. I have lived and worked in eight countries and have travelled through 55 others. In my experience, it is impossible to understand a culture or get to know a person, if you don’t love and speak their language.

I have been living in Germany since 2008. I work in Potsdam as a translator and am the owner of Sprache3 (language to the power of three), the translation, editing and language training agency whose website you are on. Together with numerous co-workers, we help you get your message across to people and cultures abroad.

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Str. 28
14471 Potsdam

Mobil: 0176 - 629 008 69

E-Mail: t.girke@sprache3.de
Internet: http://www.sprache3.de